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Choosing a designer to develop a house project

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Building your own house: how not to make a mistake when choosing designers?

How not to make a mistake when choosing an architectural office and why professionalism is important

Quarantine is a great opportunity to engage in construction: specialized stores are working, and the spring weather is quite conducive to the start of construction work.

After purchase almost every owner of a plot of land finds himself faced with a difficult choice - what will the future home look like.

Of course, everything is already painted in the imagination of the lucky owner of the plot of land - an ideal house, the interior is a standard of comfort and coziness, and the exterior is the envy of all the neighbors. But how to implement it now?

The choice of an architectural office

The best thing for this is to contact the architectural office. But the company that will design your house should be chosen carefully. There are a lot of offers on the market: some companies are only engaged in the development of architectural projects, while others are ready to offer a full range of services - from the creation of a building project to the development of interior design.

One of the companies offering a full range of home design services is the architectural office «ONE Project».

Let's talk about it in more detail.

At the «ONE Project» architectural office we are convinced that choosing a house is not only about choosing a place to live. A private house is an individual philosophy. This is independence and freedom. And the choice of what the home will be should be approached carefully.

The architectural office has an impeccable reputation and never makes hasty promises. The work approach, used by ONE Project office professionals, allows the client not only to avoid headaches, but also to enjoy the comfortable process of choosing a project and design of the future home, as well as to get a perfect result.

One of the works of the architectural office «ONE Project»

For example, this is what the project of a country house looks like - one of the works of the «ONE Project» architectural office.

The project of a country house

The project of a small, cozy country house with a terrace, which was created by the architectural office «One Project».

The highlight of this house is a cozy covered terrace with a barbecue area, which will allow you to receive guests and arrange a picnic without fear of adverse weather conditions.

House area: 65,1 m2
Kitchen: 8,2 m2
Bathrooms: 1
Room: 3
WC: 2
Parking space: 2

This is a project of a compact two-story, cozy country house with a terrace. The area of the house is 65.1 square meters. The height of the first floor is 2.8 m, the second - up to 3.1 m.

Although the walls of the house are made of aerated concrete, the special decoration - made of wooden products of light and dark colors - creates the impression that the house is actually made of wood. This decoration perfectly complement the stone and red tiles for finishing the plinth and chimney.


The proposed project is quite simple to implement, and the construction will not take much time. Approximately, such a house can be built in 3 months!

A "wooden" house of this type will fit perfectly both in a wooded area and in cottage complexes.

Let's note right away: the capabilities of the "ONE Project" architectural office in designing individual houses are much wider, and are not limited to only those projects that are published on the bureau's website

Bureau specialists are ready to create a unique house project for each client!

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