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Author's supervision

Provision of author's supervision services

The most important aspect when performing any construction work is safety and compliance with all requirements. This is the guarantee of the construction of a building that will then be suitable for operation for many years.

Any idea can lose its purpose without proper implementation. It happens that even detailed tasks may not bring the expected result due to many factors, including:

  • changes in the normative base (new laws, rules, editing and other unplanned corrections);
  • budgetary changes (when the changes concern amounts and payments);
  • changes in the natural character (unexpected changes in the condition of the site, its characteristics);
  • dishonesty of executors and contractors.

What is the importance of author's and technical supervision?

Author's and technical supervision in construction will help the customer save time and money. In such cases, the author's supervision is very important. The service that will allow you to clearly and strictly control executors and contractors. Unfortunately, not all of their representatives are ready to comply with the prescribed agreements, rules and regulations. During the implementation of the project (construction of the designed object), controversial or even dangerous situations may arise, the cause of which may be violations or deliberate non-compliance with agreements. When contractors are pursued by personal gain, thirst for additional profit, then they may have a desire to turn a blind eye, violate or break the rules. The task of the author's supervision is to control carefully and monitor each stage of the works, ensuring their high-quality and execution in time.

Author's supervision includes:

  • Regular visits to the facility to inform the customer about the progress of the project
  • Inspection of the object and recording in journals and documentation regarding the author's supervision
  • If necessary, make adjustments
  • Control of execution of plans
  • Supervision of the implementation of hidden works on the laying of communications, ventilation ducts, reinforcement, upon the completion of which special acts are drawn up
  • Photo recording and support of project management

The nature of the author's supervision

The scheme of actions and effective methods during the author's supervision strongly depends on the specifics of each situation, however , our architectural office has already certain developments, methods that have been tested by research, and we use them in the work on the project:

  • clear division of spheres of responsibility and influence;
  • choice of comfortable and flexible methods fast and ways of communication;
  • approved plan and frequency of reporting periods and meetings;
  • the frequency of providing detailed reports on the conduct and results of the author's supervision.

All points are discussed with the customer, and depending on the agreements reached, the format of the implementation, the depth of involvement and the level of responsibility of the author's supervision may be individual. For this, based on the results of negotiations and meetings, a contract is drawn up, which fixes all the conditions of cooperation, terms and payments.

When providing author's supervision services, our specialists collect complete information about the object, carefully study the area of the building and analyze the existing documents and data on it.

To carry out the planned activities in the specified time and with high quality , it is necessary:

  • control the level of execution of all processes, according to prescribed norms;
  • keep under special attention and adjust the workload to meet the deadlines;
  • control the features and level of performance of works at intermediate (small) stages or component elements of the object.

The visit of our specialists to the object can be fixed and have a certain systematicity. If it is more convenient for the customer to accept a large project in stages, then meetings with the author's supervision specialists can take place after the completion of each stage.

When implementing projects, situations may arise that require adjustments and quick decisions, because it is not desirable to freeze any process.

Our employees can:

  • promptly provide assistance in making the necessary corrections and improvements in planning of new steps in the project.
  • quickly react to changes and make independent decisions;
  • notify the customer about the events that have occurred or the likelihood of any difficulties;
  • to conduct constant active communication with the customer on all his issues.

Terms of author's supervision:

The author's supervision is carried out during the period agreed by the parties. If the construction of the facility is not completed during this period, an additional contract is concluded.

How much does author's and technical supervision cost:

Technical supervision - from 4,000

Author's supervision - from UAH 2,000

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The final cost of our services in each specific case is purely individual and is calculated based on the labor costs of our specialists and the complexity of the project. Upon application, our specialists will form a commercial proposal with an accurate calculation of the cost of services.

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