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Architectural design services

Architectural design of objects up to СС3 complexity category inclusive!

Architectural office "One project" provides architectural design services for objects up to CC3 complexity category inclusive!

The initial model of a building object is often attributed to the general design process, although architectural design is an independent art and exists separately as a type of design of various buildings. It is at this stage that the customer will be able to see clearly all the features of the object's construction.

What is included in architectural design services

The construction of any building does not begin with the foundation, but with the creation of a clear plan, according to which works will be carried out. Before they start, the construction team must clearly understand the procedure and what exactly they have to do. It is architectural design that allows you to create a primary model of a building with a clear appearance, visualize its main elements and indicate possible construction difficulties.

Architectural office "One project" designs residential and commercial real estate objects for different categories of clients. We offer customers a full range of services and works from concept creation to its implementation.

There are three main design stages:

Terms and cost of architectural design:

The terms of architectural design depend on the complexity of the task

The cost of designing is from UAH 150/sq.m.

The final design cost in each specific case is purely individual and is calculated based on the labor costs of our specialists and the complexity of the project. Upon application, our specialists will form a transparent commercial proposal with an accurate calculation of the cost of services.

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The main services of the architectural office "One Project":

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