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Development of the Sketch project

The term «Sketch project» is often mistakenly associated with the sketch works of artists, and this leads to wonder about the cost of a sketch project - is it a sketch, just pictures? In fact, a sketch and a sketch project are just synonyms with different meanings.

Scetch project (SP) and its essence

The sketch project is essentially a preliminary design stage, at which the main indicators and parameters of the future construction object are determined. For example, the building area, the number of floors, the total area are indicated; a stylistic solution for the object is chosen.

The scetch project SP is developed on the basis of initial data to determine the requirements for urban planning, architectural, artistic, ecological and functional solutions, confirmation of the possibility of creating a non-production object, its estimated cost. As part of the SP, engineering and technical developments can be carried out, as well as engineering support schemes for the object.

Эскизный проект

The main task of the SP is to determine the urban planning, architectural, artistic and functional solutions of the object, and its technical and economic indicators and to create a prototype of the future object. At this stage, schematic plans and solutions are developed, the main functional areas are determined, as well as the exterior of the future building, and the location of the building on the site is planned, taking into account the surrounding buildings.

The sketch project is a creative stage at which our architects can offer various options for the implementation of an individual house based on the expressed wishes of the customer.

This stage is difficult to fit into any clear time frame, as it continues until a solution is found that satisfies both the customer and the architect. But from experience we can say that on the average this stage takes from several weeks to 2 months.

What is included in the scetch project


  1. Initial data for design
  2. Brief description of the construction object
  3. Engineering research data
  4. Information on the sequence of construction and launch complexes
  5. Determination of requirements for urban planning solutions
  6. Accessibility of the facility for people with reduced mobility
  7. Main technical and economic indicators
  8. Estimated documentation
  9. Calculation of the class of consequences (responsibility) and category of complexity

Basic drawings

  1. Situational plan on a scale of 1: 2,000, 1: 5,000 or 1: 10,000.
  2. A master plan scheme on a scale of 1:500 or 1:1,000.
  3. Scheme of transport and pedestrian connections (if necessary).
  4. Floor plans, facades, sections of buildings and structures.
  5. According to the customer's task - basic schemes of the arrangement of engineering equipment, technological layouts, constructive solutions.

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